Raisa Park — a polymathic creative director and strategist practiced in design, UX/UI, & business strategy.

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Since joining Strategy& Digital Services (formerly Booz Digital of Booz & Co.), she has worked with Fortune 500 companies to innovate and turn ideas into transformational digital businesses. In addition, as a member of the core team, she’s also contributed to developing the company’s value proposition and the business operating model. She’s also led a capability of Human Centered Design and Design Thinking to help internal teams as well as her clients to cultivate the culture of curiosity, creativity, and innovation to capture new opportunities and develop the performance of existing assets and capabilities.

She's had the chance to work with brands and clients such as Microsoft, Fender, LEGO, Gap, Johnson & Johnson, Warner Brothers, Bing, CITI and more.



In my experience, it is invigorating when a creative & collaborative process touches all three disciplines of design, technology, and business; it is that I get to build an idea, a solution on all three strong pillars into an end-to-end solution, and not leave out a single discipline as an afterthought. And it is most exciting that design plays an important role in bringing its creative methods to influence business and technology to bring about resolution of problems and creation of solutions.

Despite having the opportunity of working with talented people of diverse and interesting backgrounds on an international scale, I believe humility, honesty, and valuing relationships had to be the key factors that effectuated successful collaborative processes, therefore successful results. I appreciate and am so grateful for healthy and trustworthy relationships I have with my team members as well as my clients—otherwise, I wouldn’t be having as much fun doing what I do.